Massages in Frederick, MD

Our talented team of massage therapists can help bring relaxation and rest to your life with a healing, therapeutic touch. In this quiet, serene atmosphere, you can feel the stresses of the world waft away and improve your general well being with the release of muscle tension. A professional touch can boost circulation, provide relief for achy, tense areas, increase the range of motion and flexibility in joints and limbs, improve health during pregnancy, and even decrease seasonal allergy symptoms. Peruse the healing massage services and book your professional massage session online today.

Massage therapy being provided in Frederick, MD
Couples Massage
A couple’s massage is when two people receive a massage in the same room. Each of the customers has their own massage therapist on an adjoining massage table. Each individual will talk with their massage therapist to determine what type of massage service they would like during the session. The couple can go into the massage room and get undressed to their comfort level. During the session the couple can talk with each other or with their massage therapist or have a quiet session in the same room. The biggest benefit for couples massage is having the same experience with a friend or family member.
Relaxing Massage
A relaxing massage is our basic Swedish massage. It has long rhythmic strokes used to calm and relax the individual. This massage is meant to de-stress and create a feeling of well-being. Relaxing massage tends to be more superficial muscular massage technique. Major health benefits are increased digestion, increased blood flow, increased circulation, decreased stress, and decrease muscle tension.

Anyone that is looking to relax, un-wind, or de-stress should try a relaxing massage.
Deep Tissue Massage
A deep tissue massage is a mixture of Swedish massage and deep massage technique. This technique offers the benefits of a relaxing massage by calming the nervous system and allowing the massage therapist to work on injured or healing muscles deeper below the surface level muscles. This technique helps alleviate tension that requires a deeper pressure and prolonged time to work on specific ailments. This is a good technique for stiff or tight necks, shoulders, lower back pain, feet, legs, joint issues, and range of motion issues.

Individuals that has minor or major injures that require massage therapy focused more deeply on the muscles. Most muscular tensions are cause by daily routines or injuries from other accidents.
Sports Massage
A sports massage is a massage technique used to increase the range of motion. This can be accomplished by moving the joints and vertebrate to creating a stretch in the muscles using gravity and resistant forces. The massage therapist will lift the arms, legs, head, and shift your body weight then create a passive or active resistance in the muscles.

Customers that are looking to increase their range of motion in their workout routine, running, dancing, and/or general movement improvement from injuries.
Hot Stone Massage
Spot hot stone massage is a placement of the stones on the back or specific areas of tension. Full hot stone massage is used throughout the entire massage with placement of the hot stones or used as a tool to work on tight areas.

The hot stones are warmed within a comfortable range and are used to heat the muscles. The increased temperature of the stones helps work deeper in the muscles and quickly elevates muscle tension. The massage therapist may use a combination with the massage.

If you enjoy heat and find that you relax quickly when exposed to heat then this is a good massage type for you.
Pregnancy Massage
This massage is meant for individuals in their 2nd and 3rd trimester. It is used to alleviate tension during pregnancy and post pregnancy. Pregnancy massage focuses on side lying techniques and changing positions for greatest comfort during pregnancy.
Lymph Drainage
Using light pressure and direction, you can reduce sinus pressure and decrease seasonal allergy symptoms.