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Body Treatment

Why limit your skin’s healing therapy to a facial? These high quality body treatments offer a therapeutic touch with high quality ingredients and lotions that reenergize your skin and release tension and toxins from your body. Enjoy a body wrap for deep, lasting hydration or detoxification and treat yourself to a soothing skin treatment that’s especially valuable during harsh winter months. The back facial and retexturizing scrub include a gentle massage to rejuvenate your tired muscles and the rain drop therapy session offers the ultimate level of relaxation with pure essential oils and massage practices to balance your energy and release toxins.

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Hydrating Body Wrap
The benefits of a body wrap include hydration, soothing & relaxation of skin and muscles. Allowing better and longer hydration of skin.
Detoxifying Body Wrap
The benefits of a body wrap include body contouring, detoxification, hydration & firming of skin, soothing & relaxation of muscles and ease inflammation of joints.
Herbology Body Retexurizing Scrub
This full body exfoliation is a customized treatment of essential oils, sugar or salt scrub then rinse in a private shower. A gentle massage is included.
Back Facial
This back treatment features a cleanse, exfoliation and extractions for your back. A gentle massage will rejuvenate your tired muscles.
Rain Drop Therapy
Rain Drop Therapy incorporates essential oils with traditional massage practices. Benefits include balance of energy, release of toxins and opens energy flow though the body.