About My Red Bow

About My Red Bow

My Red Bow is a charming spa and wellness center with a cozy atmosphere and beautiful views that encourage rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation. Walk through our doors and enter the serene haven of health where stresses float away and are replaced with beauty and happiness. We want you to feel amazing, look beautiful, and experience a moment of rest in a stress-filled world. Leave all of your worries behind and fall into the quiet, restorative atmosphere at the beautiful My Red Bow spa and wellness center location.


My Red Bow is located at 6816 Maryland Ave, Braddock Heights, Maryland 21714. Just 10 minutes west of Downtown Frederick. The Spa has a scenic view of the Blue Ridge Mountains. There are two building that service the spa; Historic Washington Cottage and a quaint ajacent bungalo built in 2012.

The History of Washington Cottage dates back to 1904 when Mrs. Potterfield owned this house. She would use it as a boarding house where Senators and Politicians would come during the hot summer months. She would ring a bell calling all guests in for her homemade fried chicken. Later, the house was renovated into nine apartments. After several more owners and years of neglect, the Washington Cottage was rebuilt. Now the beautiful Washington Cottage has been reclaimed as a spa with much of its original charm.


“Frank Goldfield's knowledge, skill and intuition of the art of massage flowed right through his hands and released tension and pain I have been carrying around in my neck and back for years.”

Kerri E.

“Cynthia is a massage wizard. She is not just going through a routine, the experience is completely customized to your wants and needs. I've been twice and can not wait for my next appointment.”

Ted B.

“Went in on a gloomy, drizzly afternoon, had an express facial with Therese, which left my skin looking and feeling as fresh and rejuvenated as a full European facial”

Margaret M.

If you think wellness is expensive consider the cost of illness.